Listening to the needs of our customers, in addition to a wide range of global, branded FMCG products, we are one of the few on the market to launch our own brands. Many distributors strive to have private label products in their portfolio. However, few have them because creating a single brand is a costly and resource-intensive process. The products of our brands: Golden Grain, Sunny and Imersino have gained recognition among our customers and their customers. They are currently a strong point in our product portfolio and a permanent order item. Because SINO has always focused on development, we are already working on new products and brands.



Excellent oatmeal

Our brand of oatmeal under the name Golden Grain is a symbol of excellence and natural richness. It is a tribute to the natural strength and beauty of grains. Like golden grains, our oatmeal provides full health and energy for every day. The golden color in our brand name symbolizes the exceptional nutritional value and natural purity of our flakes. Their taste and texture make daily meals an enchanted experience for your body, adding a little golden glow to every morning.


Delicious and healthy juices full of sunshine!

Our own brand of Sunny fruit juices is a guarantee of freshness, quality and excellent taste. Our juices are carefully prepared from the best fruits and vegetables to provide our customers with a truly fruity delight. The Sunny brand is synonymous with healthy living and the enjoyment of natural flavors. The name Sunny refers to the essence of the sun and radiant energy. Our juices bring a drop of sunshine to everyday life with vitamin-filled and fresh fruit flavors. Each sip of Sunny is a wonderful sensation of warmth and joy that adds a natural glow to any grab of the day.


Full-flavored cheeses

Our brand of yellow and blue cheese, Impresino is a refined combination of excellent taste and outstanding quality that leaves an unforgettable impression on the taste buds. As part of the Sino family, Impresino is proud of its character referring to the taste of our cheeses, which provide a unique culinary experience. Prepared with passion and precision, our products are a true feast for the palate. Each bite of our cheeses is an artistic impression of flavor that unfolds in the mouth. With a combination of excellent recipe and refined production, leaving an unforgettable mark on the palate and providing a unique cheese pleasure.

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